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Fees and appointments


Explanation of Fees:

  1. Dr.Mack’s fee is $500.00 per hour. This includes office visits, telephone conferences, homework and emails. preparation, and email responses..

  2. You will be provided with a receipt document that explains the nature of the charges and the medical diagnosis for those of you submitting these to insurance carriers.

  3. Supplements purchased through our office are payable to the North Texas Institute for Functional Medicine.

  4. Lab test fees are typically paid directly to the lab performing the testing with a few exceptions. If you need a receipt for these services or other documentation, please contact the lab directly.



When you come for your first appointment

  1. Bring all of  your current nutritional supplements in their original bottles. This includes anything you have taken in the last two or three months.

  2. Please refrain from wearing perfumes, aftershaves,  or any scented body care products–a number of our patients are chemically sensitive and react to these things.

  3. Remove any nail polish [including toenail polish] so we may thoroughly examine your nails as part of the detailed physical exam that accompanies your appointment.

  4. Bring copies of any recent lab testing you have done–please do this ahead of time as there is often not time to copy these  during your appointment if these are a significant  in number.


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